Sunday, September 24, 2017

Software and Marketing - The Right Way to Proceed

For an average software professional, everything starts from a client meeting. But after spending hectic years in corporate world, he/she decide to start their own company.

Most of them now-a-days are coming up with mobile apps. Though they have experience in software lack of knowledge in marketing is failing them badly and they get shattered.

There are few mistakes we software or app developers make while marketing our own apps. Marketing is nothing but putting what you're in front of your customers. Unfortunately, technical people can't handle this.

First thing, we don't plan our marketing strategy. Yes, like we do to our software cycle. A marketing tactic needs a plan and procedure too. Believe me; with excellent marketing skills you can sell not so good software to thousands. With poor marketing skills you can't sell an extraordinary product to single company.

In other words, marketing is not how you’re; it’s more about how you introduce yourself.

With increasing online users, whatsapp marketing service is gaining boom. With the right marketing strategy, wahtsapp can help you to get potential customers for your business.

Well you don’t to run to take management course now. Just have a glance on your competitors. See how they leverage their products and the way they are interacting with customers.

Next thing is to decide who your targeted customers are. If it’s a business professional, then reach them through social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter. To female clients you must reach through Pinterest and Facebook. Just spending money on paid ads will not bring you ROI.

Now, that you know your targeted customer based on their age, sex and nationality. Start your research to find out the way to reach most of them through a medium. Social networking is one such medium as discussed above.

Setting a blog or YouTube channel is another way to attract your customers. For a local business like taxi service software or app, try promotional backpacks. These promotional items cost you less but give your brand great exposure. But, go for it only if you’re concentrating normal people.

Try to give your customers satisfaction. Because they took the pain to try your new software you must be concerned about them. Unlike your job startups come with lots of fame, money and problems. Get ready to face them J

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