Friday, October 15, 2010

How to start with java programming

A simple program on Java

,that displays a  message.
class FirstProgram
     public static void main(String args[])    //main method
          System.out.println(“Welcome to Java 4r beginners”); /* will be printed on output*/
          System.out.println(“This Simple Java program”)

now save this program with “” as class name is
-Program should be saved with its class name.

       You need to set the path first click here to know how to set path.

-After setting path, C:\javaprograms>javac
Here dot class file will be created.You can see this in the folder u saved.(I saved in javaprograms folder)

Run the program:
C:\javaprograms>java FirstProgram
out put will be displayed.
I recommend to use Java IDE for java programs.
It helps a lot than the text editors.Here see how to Compile in Eclipse IDE.

See what is package

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